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Budweiser Won the Super Bowl

2018-02-20T02:00:54-06:00 By |Brand Marketing|

Move over Disney World… Budweiser is now officially King. It has always called itself the King of Beers, but now Budweiser has taken over the coveted interview mention by the winner at the end of the big game. Year after year, you would hear something like:“Peyton Manning, now that you have won the Super Bowl, [...]

Value Proposition – The Big Lie

2018-02-20T02:01:34-06:00 By |SMB Marketing, Value Propositions|

All businesses, but especially small and medium businesses need a unique value proposition to compete effectively in the marketplace. Market leaders can be categorized as technology leaders, cost leaders and more, but a high tech or low cost solution that simply does the same as a bevy of other players will have only short term [...]

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National Loyalty Program for SMBs

2018-02-20T02:04:03-06:00 By |Loyalty Marketing, SMB Marketing|

Small and medium sized businesses, particularly in the retail, food/beverage and entertainment industries get deluged by sales representatives of companies offering what they consider the Holy Grail of repeat customers… the loyalty program card. Popularized by the airline industry as “frequent flier” cards, the concept is now widespread and includes the consumer’s spending on credit [...]

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Facebook SMB Marketing

2018-02-20T02:04:28-06:00 By |Facebook, SMB Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

Facebook is getting more and more difficult to love as a marketer, especially Facebook SMB marketing. The opportunity is great: • A fantastic forum that does not charge viewers • A site that subscribers check multiple times per day • Tools to analyze advertisement reach • Tools to segment target audiences Facebook ROI Problem So [...]

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Election Marketing

2018-02-20T02:05:20-06:00 By |Election Marketing, Website Marketing|

At Marketplace Consulting Group, we LOVE Presidential election marketing. They have some of the best marketers in the world teaming up behind a candidate for a very specific period of time. Winner takes all. The Presidential election has always been a marketing campaign, but it was the 2008 Obama campaign that took a deep dive into [...]

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