Internet Marketing Consulting

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Your Strategic Marketing Team

Marketplace Consulting Group is based in Dallas, Texas and provides strategic marketing and Internet marketing consulting services to a wide range of companies. Marketplace Consulting Group employs a comprehensive offering of primary research, market analysis, end-user and vendor interaction, vendor evaluations, strategic focus groups/workshops and industry expertise.  Focus areas include Internet strategy, local and franchise marketing,  value proposition development, competitive analysis, vertical and market segmentation, and multi-channel marketing.

The combination and connection of all our resources make Marketplace Consulting Group the most valuable partner you can find to help you meet your particular business and technology challenges.

Your Guide to Strategic Marketing

In every strategic area, no matter what industry or sector you are in, you can choose the type of relationship you want to have with Marketplace Consulting Group. It is based entirely on your needs—it can be transactional, or you can partner with Marketplace Consulting Group throughout your entire business life cycle, drawing on key assets at every stage. Marketplace Consulting Group has developed the expertise, experience and scope to create a full continuum of services.

Strategic Marketing Execution

Our consultants will work with you to apply Marketplace Consulting Group’s strategic advice and insight into the connected world—enabling you to drive positive, long-term business results for your enterprise.

We will collaborate with you to drive consensus on key strategic issues unique to your organization, manage your initiatives successfully, and help you identify and capitalize on current and future opportunities.

Marketplace Consulting Group helps you identify and capitalize on significant opportunities to bring products and services to the marketplace. Our consultants will collaborate with marketing, sales, product and development professionals to help them define and assess their markets, make more effective products, and develop or improve effective business strategies and marketing plans. Our strategic marketing consultants have significant expertise in many segments of the marketplace, including digital, marketing services, local search, IT services, education technologies, software and applications, transportation and telecommunications.