Marketing & Business Strategy

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Marketing & Business Strategy

We’ll develop a marketing business strategy to help you compete in the marketplace.  This can include a competitive review, product analysis, roadmap planning, and many other customized elements that meet your business needs.

Value Proposition Development

Messaging is critical to communicate key product and service differentiators.  The value you can deliver to customers needs to be clear and meaningful.  We’ll use a rigorous approach that may include executive and team interviews or a workshop to develop a strong value proposition for your company and its products.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Online and offline marketing need to work in conjunction with each other to produce the best results.  We have experience with creating programs that connect with customers across channels and drive results.  Build loyalty online and generate sales offline in your store.  Use offline interactions to attract online fans.

B2B & B2C

Whether your customers are businesses or consumers, we have the background to work with you.  We understand the unique aspects of marketing to other businesses as well as consumers.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

What will it take to acquire new customers?  How do you retain the customers you currently have?  What programs will build loyalty among your customer base?  How can you measure customer satisfaction?  We can help you with all of these areas to build a loyal and happy customer set?

New Product Planning

Do you have a product launch coming up?  Do you need help managing the project from inception to launch?  Are the product features and pricing going to make the product a success?  We can help!


Are your products and services priced right for the market?  Do you have the right pricing structure across your products so customers have a growth path to follow?  Let us do the analysis to better set prices.

Marketing Implementation

Do you have a well-developed launch plan for your new initiative?  Are all the bases covered?  Do you need someone who can dot the i’s and cross the t’s so that everything goes off as expected?  We will work cross-functionally within your organization as a marketing project lead to make sure all areas are addressed.

Marketing & Business Roadmaps

Have you evaluated all of your potential new products and services to prioritize them?  Do you know which ones are key to your success?  Have you ranked them against critical objectives so you focus on the right ones first?  We’ll work with you to build a custom roadmap based on a unique scorecard that evaluates potential projects against important metrics and available resources.

Market Segmentation & Positioning

Have you considered what your position is in the market?  What are the segments of the market that currently buy from you?  Which segments represent new potential clients?  How do you position yourself to reach those customers?  We will work with you and your team to develop market segmentation and positioning to attract and retain customers.

Vertical Market Strategy

As segments are identified, some may be verticals that need a specific focus.  That could include vertically-targeted products, services, positing, or offers.  We’ll recommend the right approach that will uniquely help you with a marketing strategy for each vertical.

Product and Sales Collateral

Are your products and services well represented to potential customers?  Are the messages clear on your sales collateral?  Let us build effective sales pieces that put your company’s products and services in the spotlight with customers.

ROI Analysis

We will review the revenue and costs of your products and services to determine where there is opportunity to improve the bottom line.  We will also look at key metrics for your business and establish ongoing reports to measure success.


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