Shark Week Marketing

Shark Week Marketing

Shark Week has grown into quite a marketing sensation. What started as a Discovery television event has developed into social media event.

This year’s Shark Week happens to fall on the heels of several shark attacks on the East Coast. People are definitely talking sharks. Whether they are scared of sharks or in awe of them, consumers are paying attention.

As in past years, marketers associated with Discovery and the brands sponsoring Shark Week have developed engaging online posts to capitalize on the event.

Even brands who are not official sponsors are taking advantage of #SharkWeek on social media. They are leveraging the annual hype to promote their own products. One of the most important aspects of social media is to be timely and relevant to your audience. The goal is to be clever and responsive to Shark Week’s popularity while maintaining your brand’s “voice.” Stay true to your audience, but also show that you’re paying attention to the world around you.

Shark Week Big Brand Examples:

Shark Week Ben & Jerry's

Shark Week Malibu Rum

Shark Week Volkswagen

Shark Week Dunkin Donuts

Shark Week IHOP

Shark Week Arby's

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